Jaak Vanderhoydonks is restaurator, interior designer and antiques expert. He grew up in a family where his father was famous for the restoration and reconstruction of historic buildings and medieval private houses.
Given this expertise, father Vanderhoydonks was assigned to restore and rebuild the now famous Open Air Museum Bokrijk.
Jaak grew up in his father's restoration enterprise. He was inspired to develop his own business in this antique area and the age of 18 he started his own company, Anresto Antique Decor.
Anresto quickly became a larger company working with a team of highly skilled staff to design, create and restore antique interiors. Increasingly architecture and historical materials play an important role in the rebuilding of antique houses, inside and outside.
Folowing the restoration projects both large and small throughout all the years, the company grew substantiawlly in experience and know-how. Anresto makes creations and designs with historical materials, processes it, restores it and makes this for the whole Benelux. The placement of the materials happenes only in Belgium.
antique restoration interior
Antiques and historical building materials are all of high quality. A folder is available summerizing the wide range of antiques and to provide insight in possible realizations with the associated historical building components and ornaments.

  • Antiques general.
  • Historical building from A to Z.
  • Wooden floors + stone floors.
  • Interior and exterior doors sized to measure.
  • Antique faucets equipped systems.
  • Antique and handmade stairs.
  • Sinks, kitchen bins - tablets, etc ...
  • Own workshop, transport and instalation services in Belgium.

Anresto showrooms in Lommel, Belgium. Open Thursday - Sunday 1 PM - 16.30 PM and by appointment

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