Antiques ANRESTO in Lommel Belgium, managed by mr. Jaak Vanderhoydonks, has a staff of 10. Each with its own specialization and with a passion for quality and authenticity.
You are welcome for your choice of antique fine art, antique furniture, antiques and collectibles, flemish, french and European antique as well as architectural antique.

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Anresto makes creations and designs with historical materials, processes it, restores it and makes this for the whole Benelux. The placement of the materials happenes only in Belgium.
Restauration projects, placement of antique wooden or tile floors, consult, planning and execution are all done by Anresto itself.

Mr. Vanderhoydonks is also an antique dealer specialized in 16th to 19th century furniture, antique wooden doors complete with glass and hinges and architectural antique.

Antique ANRESTO - Lommel , Belgium. Showrooms open Thursday - Sunday 1 PM - 16.30 PM

anresto antiqueANRESTO, Leuken 14, 3920 Lommel (BE) tel.+32 11 665535 GSM.+32 495 51 45 27 internetics