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Expert opinion and appraisal.

Anresto is a valuer specialized in the valuation and appraisal of antiques, antique art and other antique valuables.
As an independent antique expert Anresto values objects for a.o. insurance, succession and mutual allocation purposes.

With antiques, be they purchased at an auction, inherited or collected, one is often curious to know the origin and value.

Anresto's valuation reports are accepted by most insurers. In case of loss or damage, there will thus be no discussion as to the amount to be reimbursed for each object. It is comforting to know that the extent of damage will not be a subject for discussion as a result of which you can also expect more prompt claim processing.

Anresto is also more than willing to advise you on conservation, restoration and renovation.

Costs for appraisal or an expert opinion of your antique object are 50 Euro basis plus 5% of the estimated value. Laboratory costs, travel expenses etc. additionally.

After making an appointment (Tel. +32 11 66 55 35) you may visit Anresto in Lommel with your antique object for appraisal, valuation or expert opinion.
You may also send in your pictures after transferring the base fee to our bank-account.
Please note, my expert opnion is not free; I love to share my time and expert knowledge with you, yet I have to calculate my hours spent (the minimum fee is 50 Euro).
Jaak Vanderhoydonks

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