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Examples of the antique tables, chairs, seats in stock at Anresto showrooms in Lommel.
~click to enlarge~ Country style table
Country style table  
~click to enlarge~ Spanish paying table  17th century antique
Spanish paying table 17th c.  
~click to enlarge~  antique
Venetian table

Minimalist coffee table - 18th c.
~click to enlarge~  18th century antique
English wall table
~click to enlarge~ Venetian dining table 16th century antique
Venetian dining table 16th c.
~click to enlarge~ antique table
Spanish pay table
 ~click to enlarge~  antique
Castle Table 18th century
 ~click to enlarge~  antique
Gateleg table
 Work table of a silversmith 18th c.
Work table of a silversmith 18th c.
~click to enlarge~  antique
Country table of Flanders
~click to enlarge~ French table coulisse
French slide table
~click to enlarge~
Table from Normandie, France.
~click to enlarge~  ± 1650 antique Spanish table chestnut
Spanish chestnut table antique 17th century
~click to enlarge~ english desk
antique Spanish dresser 17th century
Anresto antique Harp leg table 17th c
Harp leg table 17th century
~click to enlarge~ French country table  antique
French country table

Ardennes country table 18th
Biedermeier pedestal table
Biedermeier pedestal table
~click to enlarge~  antique Spanish Trestle Table
17th c. Spanish trestle table

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