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Antique fine art & Decoration

Examples of antique decoration and fine art at our showrooms in Lommel.
Still life
Painting still life 17th C.

Painting Italy 17th century

Tabernacle Luiks (Li├Ęge) 17th century
 painting antique 17th century
Miniature painting

Painting by Agapit Stevens
Coninckx 1852
Coninckx 1852 painting 19th c.
Madonna with child
Madonna with child Flanders
17th c. antique
Beheading of the Holy Catherine

English painting
17th century Antwerpen antique painting
The birth of Christ

Impressionist painting J. Deklerck

French painting Louis XIV
French-Burgundian antique 15th c.
Gothic statue French-Burgundian antique 15th c.
Madonna wth child
Madonna with child 17th C
Barthomolmeus Van Der Helst
17th c. Barthomolmeus Van Der Helst


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